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Helpful Tips When Traveling With Your Senior Loved One


Whether you are going to another country for a planned vacation or just a quick trip to a nearby city, there are things to remember when traveling with your elderly loved ones. As a professional provider of Nursing Services in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Gentle Care Nursing Service, Inc. Home Health Care Agency recommends these practical tips:

  • Take it slow and be patient

    One thing to remember when traveling with seniors is to focus more on quality over quantity. Spend more time in fewer places and have a lot of rest in between your trip. Make sure to let your loved ones take their time in wandering around the place.

  • Be prepared to pay premium

    Your senior loved ones may not be comfortable staying in low-cost hostels or dormitories. You may need to get comfortable accommodations and premium transportation seats for them.

  • Be prepared for any emergencies

    Research in advance on the nearby hospitals or police stations in case of emergency. Also, anticipate delays in your travel so make sure to prepare extra prescriptions from the doctor. You may also ask your Home Health Care Agency what other things to expect and prepare especially with the health condition of your loved one.

Gentle Care Nursing Service, Inc. Home Health Care Agency is your dependable home health care provider. Our caregivers in Pennsylvania are professionals in providing assistance and premium care to our clients. For additional information, talk to us by calling 215-927-0958 or email us at

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